Automatic processing of precision pipe joints with RB08 Robot - PAY for CNC components
Automatic processing of precision pipe joints with RB08 Robot

 Compatible with a variety of small batch products, to meet the receipt of finished products in blister boxes;

Matching the processing technology, docking with 2 processing equipments on site to realize automatic loading and unloading of the machine tool processing.


1 RB08 robot, matching vision system, to achieve precise positioning and grasping of different incoming blanks;

Design a set of universal feeding trays to meet the rough positioning of different incoming materials, manual placement of materials, blank feeding is simple and convenient;

A blister box transplanting mechanism is set, and the robot directly feeds to the special blister box, manual timing sampling and blister box stacking;

A set of master control system is set to match three sets of cylinder grippers and a common set of reversing mechanism, which can meet the efficient automatic loading and unloading operations of all joints without manual adjustment of the position of the tooling fixture.

Application effect

The robot loading and unloading system is very convenient to replace the model, and a robot replaces the 4 manual loading and unloading tasks of the machine tool, saving the labor input of machine tool operation;

Adopting the robot 1 to 2 H type layout, the entire system is compact and the space utilization rate is high;

The robot loading and unloading system is convenient to change models, the production cycle of the entire robot grinding system is closely matched, and the operation is stable and smooth;

Realized long-term stable production, reduced boxing labor, and greatly improved product quality and increased production capacity.

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