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Fanuc CNC Keyboard Shortcuts


1) P+Q clear error memory

2) DELET+RESET to clear system memory
3) CAN+EOB reset error
Any function key +CAN to turn off the display
Operation list (KND100M system CNC milling machine)
All memory is cleared: parameter switch ON press RST+DEL+STR
Parameter setting initial value: parameter switch ON, press RST to turn on
Program clearing: parameter switch ON, press DEL+RST to turn on
Program full output: edit mode O→-9999→START
Program output: edit mode O→program number→START
Delete all programs: edit mode O→-9999→DELET
Program delete: edit mode O→program number→DELET
Search: edit/automatic word etc.↓
Program full input: program switch on O→-9999→INPUT
Program input: program switch on O→program number→INPUT
Do not check overtravel: press EOB+CAN to turn on
FANUC system keyboard definition
1 ALTER modify the program and code (input a section of address, such as X20.0 and then press this key, the address at the cursor position will be replaced by X20.0.)
2 INSRT Insert program (move the cursor to the front of the address to be inserted. For example, program "G01X30.0Y50.0F0.08;" to insert "G99" before "X30.0", first move the cursor to "G01", Then enter "G99" and press this key again.)
3 DELET Delete program (To delete an address. For example, "Y50.0" in "N1G01X30.0Y50.0F0.08;". Move the cursor to "Y50.0". Press this key. To delete a program, such as "N1G01X30.0Y50.0F0.08;". Enter N1 and press this key.)
4 EOB completion sentence (END OF BLOCK) (This key is the meaning of ";". It means the end of this program. This key is required for the end of each program.)
5 CAN cancel (used in the case of EDIT or MDI MODE)
6 INPUT input program and code is used more when inputting a new program.
7 OUTPUT START output program and instructions
8 OFFSET Store tool length and radius compensation value
9 AUX GRAPH display graphics
10 PRGRM display program content
11 ALARM Display the alarm content or code
12 POS display coordinates (After pressing this key, CRT will display the current position of each axis of the machine tool. There are absolute and relative positions, which can be switched and displayed. Very convenient.)
13 DGONS PARAM display self-diagnosis and parameter function
14 RESET Return to stop (this key is for processing after modifying a section of the program. The program must be reset. In PROG mode, add WeChat: Yuki7557 to send a copy of the macro program tutorial, press this key, the program cursor will return The program TOP is displayed first. Otherwise. When pressing the start button for processing, the machine will alarm.)
15 CURSOR Move the cursor up and down (just like the up, down, left, and right keys of our computer keyboard. I believe everyone will use it.)
16 PAGE Page up and down (For screen content exceeding 1 page, this key is effective.)
17 O program number is from O0001~O9999 (FANUC 21i-T has special instructions. Programs between O9000-O9999 cannot be specified. Because this is an internal program in the system.)
18 N sequence number is from N0001~N9999 (optional. For convenience, it can be set in sections. For example, N1 is rough machining. N2 is finishing. ect.)
19 G ready function code
20 X coordinate axis movement direction command
21 Y coordinate axis movement direction command
22 Z coordinate axis movement direction command
23 H Length compensation function code
24 F Feed (FEED) instruction (FANUC 21i-T has special instructions. When using G98. It refers to the feed per minute in mm/min. When using G99, it refers to the feed per revolution in mm/r.)
25 R arc radius command
26 M auxiliary function command
27 S Spindle speed command
28 T tool number (I know that T is usually followed by two Arabic numerals.)
29 D radius compensation function code (I know that D is usually followed by two Arabic numerals.)
30 I.J.K The distance from the arc starting point to the arc center (on X, Y, Z axis respectively)
31 P subroutine call code
32 PROGRAM PROTECT Program memory protection switch
33 MEMORY Automatic program execution
35 MDI manual editing (MANUAL DATA INPUT)
36 SINGL BLOCK single sentence execution (FANUC 21i-T has SBK switch)
37 BLOCK DELET Specifies not to execute a single-sentence program (shared with the / key)
38 OPT STOP Selective stop (shared with M01 code) (FANUC 21i-T has M01 switch)
39 DRY RUN (FANUC 21i-T has DRN switch)
40 PRG TEST does not execute M.S.T. code command
41 CYCLE START Cycle  movement (execute program)
42 CYCLE STOP Cycle stop (pause the program)
43 PRG STOP program stop (shared with M00)
44 HOME Back to X.Y.Z. mechanical origin of each axis?
45 JOG manual feed (line or cutting)
46 MPG handwheel drive
50 HIGH manual rapid traverse
51 SPDL DEC Spindle (RPM) speed
52 SPDL 100% execute the S command in the program, speed
53 SPDL CW Spindle rotates clockwise
54 SPDL STOP Spindle stop
55 SPDL CCW Spindle rotates counterclockwise
56 SPDL INC Spindle (RPM) increase speed
57 Z+, Y+, X+ Machine tool X.Y.Z. axis moves in the positive direction
58 Z-, Y-, X- machine X.Y.Z. axis moves in the negative direction
59 4-, 4+ The fourth axis of the machine tool
60 TRVRS executes the movement commands of each axis of the machine tool
61 CLNT ON Supply cutting fluid (COOLANT ON)
62 CLNT OFF Stop supplying cutting fluid (COOLANT OFF)
63 CLNT AUTO automatically executes the supply of cutting fluid (COOLANT AUTO)
64 OVERRIDE Cutting speed following control 0-150%
65 EMERGENCY STOP Emergency stop
66 THERMAL ALARM Spindle load overheating alarm
67 LUB ALARM Lubricant shortage alarm
68 X_MIRROR IMAGE X-axis mirror image processing function
69 Y_MIRROR IMAGE Y-axis mirror image processing function
71 DNC Direct CNC:
Because the external interface device inputs the program to the CNC machine tool, and the factor-controlled machine tool has limited memory capacity, it needs to perform reading and doing (that is, executing the receiving program and executing the program command at the same time), which is called DNC operation. When the DNC operation is completed, the memory of the CNC machine tool does not exist, and the program entered by the DNC.
72 BACKGROUD EDIT background programming:
(BG-EDIT) When the CNC machine tool performs automatic (AUTO) processing, another program can be input or written at the same time without stopping the operation.
73 MANU ABS Manual absolute value
74 PROG RSTAT Program restart
75 Z NEGLT Cancel the execution of Z axis command
76 AXIS LOCK Cancel the three-axis command
77 B fifth axis
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