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Fanuc Common overload alarms and solutions
Fanuc Common overload alarms and solutions

Fault phenomenon: A CNC vertical machining center equipped with the FANUC-0M system often generates overload alarms during processing. The alarm number is 434. The manifestation is that the current of the Z-axis motor is too large and the motor heats up. After stopping for about 40 minutes, the alarm disappears, and then the alarm disappears. After working for a while, the same alarm occurred again.

Analysis and processing process: After checking, the electrical servo system has no fault, and it is estimated that it is caused by excessive load.

In order to distinguish whether it is an electrical fault or a mechanical fault, remove the Z-axis motor and disconnect it from the machine. The fault will no longer occur when running again. This is confirmed to be caused by the mechanical screw or moving parts being too tight. After adjusting the Z-axis screw lock nut, the effect was not obvious. Later, the Z-axis guide rail insert was adjusted, and the machine tool load was significantly reduced, and the fault was eliminated.
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