GSK 986Gs - PAY for CNC components
GSK 986Gs

 Machining the outer circumference and end face of the large head of the crankshaft workpiece;

Cooperate with the robot to cut the action;

The application and processing of the Mabosi measuring instrument;



The inclined shaft grinding machine is a linkage mode when grinding the grinding wheel, and is a non-linked mode when machining, because the end face + step machining is considered, and the grinding wheel is a forming grinding wheel, and the grinding wheel surface has an R arc;
Automatic loading and unloading with the truss manipulator;
The end face-to-tool is matched with the tool setting instrument, and the radial measurement, the beating measurement, and the anti-collision elimination and air-speed protection are matched with the Mabosi measuring instrument;
 Application effect
The tempo of a workpiece is 3'30" with the machining of the robot.
The use of dedicated G commands, macro programs and PLC combination control, with a custom map interface to ensure processing efficiency and accuracy.
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