GSK RMD20 robot loading and unloading in punching and laser cutting - PAY for CNC components
GSK RMD20 robot loading and unloading in punching and laser cutting

 The robot replaces the labor, and completes the loading and unloading of the workpiece between a hydraulic press, a laser cutting machine, and a loading and unloading bin;

There are many product models, not many single production batches, and the robot fixture is versatile. It is necessary to realize different shapes of products to grab and load;
The production time of the special machine is 25 seconds, and the production capacity of the production line is 120 pieces / hour.

No. 2
1 RMD20 handling robot, 1 set of custom flexible hand grips, 1 set of feeding and slitting mechanism, 1 set of feeding and conveying line, supporting 1 hydraulic press, laser cutting machine completes the automatic sheet feeding, punching Laser cutting and centralized collection of products offline;
The robot hand grip adopts a custom flexible design, which is compatible with all panel models for gripping and precise positioning, ensuring stable and continuous production of loading and unloading;
The automatic feeding and separating mechanism and belt line are used to collect the workpieces, and realize the butt flow production in front and back processes.

Application effect
Adopt compatible flexible manipulator design and solve the problem of multiple models and small batch production on the same production line with less manufacturing cost;
The general production characteristics of the home appliance industry are multiple varieties, strong equipment compatibility, frequent single production processes, labor intensive, and short production lead times. Robots are used instead of manual automated production to reduce production and operation costs and ensure production cycles.

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