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GSK25iG Gear CNC Controller

GSK25iG gear machine system is one of the high-end products created by our company. This system replaces the traditional mechanical gear box with a flexible electronic gear box. It has high versatility and adaptability and can be adapted to gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines, Gear machine tools such as gear shaving machines, gear milling machines, gear grinding machines, etc. At present, this system has been maturely applied to gear hobbing machine tools, which can process gear parts with higher accuracy.


Can correctly cut gears such as spur gears, helical gears, turbines, etc .;
Realize the channeling function, make the hob wear evenly and increase the service life;
Achieve emergency stop protection during processing;
Easy operation and programming.


  GSK25iG has been implemented at the underlying algorithm level. It has its own electronic gearbox function and is abstracted and condensed into G modal instructions.
The electronic gear box function has added the movement variable of the tool axis during the synchronous processing, and based on this, a channel-to-macro program has been written to effectively implement the channel-shifting function;
By monitoring the synchronous processing signal in the PLC signal, when an emergency stop occurs during synchronous processing, the processing synchronization state is maintained and the emergency retreat is performed, thereby realizing the emergency stop protection function during processing;
For tedious and complicated operations, we have developed graphical functions, so that users can easily program and process.

Application effect

GSK25iG can meet customer requirements on the processing machine, and the precision and efficiency of processed parts can meet customer requirements.

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