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How to install and back up Fanuc system

 FANUC system, like our computer, has systems similar to win7 and win10. These system files exist in the ROM chip of the memory board.

How do we reinstall the system for Fanuc? To enter the FANUC hidden screen, (1) Press and hold the first and last soft keys of the system when starting up, as shown in the figure below.

(2) Waiting to enter the following BOOT screen, you can release the button.

(3) Press and hold the button "DOWN" in the lower right corner, the cursor has been moved to "4.SYSTEM DATA SAVE" (system file save), as shown in the figure below, let's learn to backup files first

(4) Then press and hold "SELECT" in the lower left corner, click to enter and enter the following screen:

There are 1-8 files in it, and press "→", there can be more files, these are system files, the latest OIF system has more than 40 files. There are usually more than a dozen old systems. We can click "SELECT" to copy the current file to the CF card.

(5) Click to select to save, and then click YES. After tens of seconds, the following screen will appear:

The above figure shows that the file NC_BASIC.001 has been saved. Then click the "SELECT" button to exit, then press and hold "DOWN" to move the cursor to the second file, and then save. By analogy, you can save all files to the CF card.

How do we install the system?
(1) Put the file you just saved into the CF card, insert the card into the new system, press and hold the first and last buttons as shown above to enter the BOOT screen.

(2) The cursor is on the first line "SYSTEM DATA LOADING", click the "SELECT" selection button to enter the following screen:

(3) The content of the CF card is displayed on the screen, and then click the "SELECT" selection button to select the file to be installed, and do the same operation again and again to install all the files in this way.

(1) All FANUC systems have system files.
(2) For systems before 2006, 16,18,21, OIA, OIB, OIC (old models), 18i, all files can be backed up. In the later FANUC system file, OPRM-INF was added. This file cannot be copied, otherwise the 5523 alarm will appear and FANUC certification is required.
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