How to replace A4 motor with A4i type - PAY for CNC components
How to replace A4 motor with A4i type
CNCmakers Support:, 
Please kindly refer to attached GH driver user manual.
Page 46  4.3.3 Motor Type Write-in
Page 47  4.3.4 Motor Zeroing
Page 51  Err-8 Abnormal multi-circle data of the encoder.
CNC User of (GSK25iM-H,GH2050T-Lb1,130SJT-M100D(A4)
King my customer is asking me which settings will they need to adjust on the servo motor drive after change the motor
or which ones, can you please send me an instruction sheet for that change with pictures and everything

CNCmakers Support:
Yes, the motor will be work 100% properly.
By the way, do you familiar with the parameter setting? because it is absolute encoder type motor, you need to adjust parameters after change the motor.

CNC User of (GSK25iM-H,GH2050T-Lb1,130SJT-M100D(A4) 
Ok King but right now my customer has a lot of questions, he wants to know if you are going to assure that the motor is going to work 100% properly, do you need more info about the CNC machine in order to assure that the motor will be 100% compatible with the CNC machine and drive?, please let me know and another thing what will be your best delivery time?

Another thing, what is going to happen if the motor does not work?? are you wiling to accept returns?? who will be paying for the shipping for the return?? in the case that the motor doesn't work??

King please see the attached picture, that is the CNC Machine control that may be help for something
I will be waiting for your reply


CNCmakers Support:
Because the connect ports of A4i and A4 motors are not the same, so we have to change the cable and connector.
But don't worry, we will send the cable and the connector for you to adopt.

CNC User of (GSK25iM-H,GH2050T-Lb1,130SJT-M100D(A4)
What do you mean with you will need "to change the cables and connectors too"


CNCmakers Support:
130SJT-M100D(A2) and 130SJT-M100D(A4) are not compatible, they are using different encoders, and can not be replaceable.

We have checked that the GSK 130SJT-M100D(A4) has already stop production.

We can use the GSK 130SJT-M100D(A4i) motor to replace the  GSK 130SJT-M100D(A4), but need to change the cables and connectors too.
You can place order at below page, we will prepare all for you accordingly, the production lead time is 30 days.

CNC User of (GSK25iM-H,GH2050T-Lb1,130SJT-M100D(A4)
CNC Makers TeamTeam I have a customer that placed me a PO for the GSK AC Servo Motor 130SJT-M100D(A2), and after that I placed the order, everything was fine they came to my place and picked up the motor and everything was pretty good, but when they went to their machine shop and uninstalled their damage motor they notice that the part number was different 130SJT-M100D(A4), as you can see it was just the numbers in the parenthesis and they said OK lets try this, but they never can make this machine to run again, after 2 or 3 day I received a call from this customer to told me that that was not the correct motor and said ok let me see what I can do for you, and I called intermediately and explain them the situation and they said that it is ok to  return the motor 130SJT-M100D(A2) and theay will reimburse the money, that is ok for me, but right now my customer is asking me before return this motor to them to see if there is a way to adapt this motor 130SJT-M100D(A2) to the machine with some kind of encoder or adapter,  but the right part number for that machine is GSK AC Servo Motor 130SJT-M100D(A4), attached are the two plates from the motors this way you can see if there is a way to help my customer.

Best Regards and I will be waiting for your answer

Also you can help me and quote the GSK 130SJT-M100D(A4), your best price and availability and shipping cost options.

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