Maintaining machine tools before a long vacation - PAY for CNC components
Maintaining machine tools before a long vacation
For companies in the manufacturing industry
Maintaining and servicing machine tools before a long vacation
is an essential safeguard for lean production

Please take this pre-holiday machine tool maintenance guide.

Clean the machine from iron filings and oil

Full-stroke lubrication of each axis
Turn on the lubrication switch on the panel of the CNC system, and check whether the lubrication system is operating normally and whether the oil supply pressure is normal. If the lubricant is insufficient, add lubricant.
Then run each axis to the maximum stroke, and so on 2~3 times to ensure that each axis is fully lubricated.

Clean the worktable and apply anti-rust oil.
Clean up the T-slot of the workbench, jigs and fixtures, and other areas that are prone to residue and debris. Wipe down all exposed surfaces until there is no cutting fluid or chip accumulation. Apply oil to the workbench and workholding fixtures to prevent rust.

Clean the spindle and apply rust preventive oil.
Clean the spindle taper holes, remove rust and apply oil, and seal the taper holes with greaseproof paper/clingfilm to avoid the entry of dust and chips.

Clean the tool holder (tool magazine)
If it is a machining center, remove the tool from the tool magazine, clean and oil it, then store and seal it in the magazine. Clean and oil the tool magazine again.

Clean the filters of each accessory of the electric cabinet chiller and oil cooler of the machine tool.

Lubricate and protect the telescopic guards of each axis.

Return each axis travel to the center position.

Cut off the power supply and gas source of the machine tool, close the protective door and electric cabinet door.
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