Which CNC brand are you using now?
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Which CNC brand are you using now?

CNC systems and related automation products are mainly used to support CNC machine tools. CNC machine tools are mechatronic products formed by the penetration of new technologies represented by CNC systems into the traditional machinery manufacturing industry: machine tools equipped with CNC systems have greatly improved the accuracy, speed and efficiency of parts processing. This type of CNC machine tool is one of the important material foundations for national industrial modernization.

The concept of numerical control (abbreviated as "numerical control" or "NC") is to convert the requirements of the machine parts to be processed, such as shape, size and other information, into numerical data command signals and transmit them to the electronic control device, which controls the movement of the machine tool to process the parts. In traditional manual machining, these processes need to be realized by manual operation of the machine, which is difficult to meet the processing requirements of complex parts, especially for multi-variety and small batch parts, the processing efficiency is low and the accuracy is poor.

In 1952, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Parsons Company cooperated to invent the world's first three-coordinate CNC milling machine. The control device consists of more than 2,000 electron tubes and is about the size of an ordinary laboratory. The servo mechanism uses a small servo motor to change the angle of the hydraulic motor swash plate to control the speed of the hydraulic motor. Its interpolation device uses a pulse multiplier. The successful development of this NC machine tool marks the creation of NC technology and the beginning of a new era of numerical control in mechanical manufacturing.

There are many types of CNC systems in the world, with different forms and their own characteristics in composition and structure. These structural characteristics come from the basic requirements of the initial design of the system and the engineering design ideas of hardware and software. For different manufacturers, based on historical development factors and the influence of complex factors that vary from place to place, the design ideas may also be different.

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