110SJT-M040D(A2) AC Servo Motor
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110SJT-M040D(A2) AC Servo Motor

GSK 110SJT-M040D(A2) AC Servo Motor
Item Code: 110SJT-M040D(A2)
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GSK 110SJT-M040D(A2) AC Servo Motor
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SJT_Series_AC_Servo_Motor_User_Manual.pdf (size 3.5MB)


Model specification


1. It adopts fully enclosed structure, beautiful appearance and compact structure.

2. Adopt optimized electromagnetic design, low electromagnetic noise, stable operation and high efficiency
3. Using high-performance rare earth permanent magnet material, it has good low-speed characteristics and strong overload capacity.
4. Adopt high-speed, high-precision photoelectric encoder, which can be used for high-precision speed and position control with high-performance drive unit.
5. Adopt high protection level such as IP65 to ensure the reliable use of the motor in the environment of -15℃~40℃ ambient temperature and dust and oil mist environment.
6. Adopt high-precision bearing and rotor high-precision dynamic balancing process to ensure that the motor runs stably and reliably within the maximum speed range of 7.7, with low vibration and low noise.
7. With high torque inertia ratio, fast response ability.
8. Some motors adopt F-class insulation structure, which has long service life and high cost performance.
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