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KY-980TC3 Turning CNC Controller

KY-980TC3 Turning CNC Controller KY-980TC3 CNC Lathe Controller KY-980TC3 Turning CNC System KY980TC3 Turning CNC Control
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KY-980TC3 Turning CNC Controller
KY-980TC3 CNC Lathe Controller
KY-980TC3 Turning CNC System
KY980TC3 Turning CNC Control

Functional characteristics
Number of control axes: 1, 5 feed axes, 2 analog spindles; 2, 3 feed axes, 1 analog spindle;
Number of linkage axes: 5 axes;
Adapting to the servo spindle can realize continuous spindle positioning, rigid tapping, and rigid threading
10.4-inch widescreen LCD with 800×600 resolution
Using 32-bit high-performance CPU and very large-scale programmable device FPGA
56M user storage space
Real-time all-round self-diagnosis function, real-time display of various states of the system
Feed per minute, Feed per revolution
Metric and imperial input methods
The machine tool returns to the reference point
Rapid override: F0, 25%, 50%, 100%, a total of four levels of real-time adjustment
Feedrate override: 0~150%, sixteen levels of real-time adjustment
1-way spindle encoder feedback, the number of spindle encoder lines can be set (100p/r~5000p/r)
Transmission ratio of encoder and spindle: (1~255): (1~255)
Spindle speed: can be given by S code or PLC signal, the speed range is 0r/min~99999r/min
Spindle override: 50% to 120%, a total of 8 levels of real-time adjustment
Spindle constant surface speed control
Interpolation method: linear interpolation, circular interpolation (supports three-point circular interpolation), thread interpolation, rigid tapping
Automatic chamfering function
ISO code, support statement macro code programming, support relative coordinate, absolute coordinate and mixed coordinate programming
Program call: support macro program call with parameters, 4-level subprogram nesting
Independent backlash compensation for each axis, memory type pitch error compensation* Tool length compensation
Tool nose radius compensation (C type), tool wear compensation, tool life management
Tool setting method: fixed point tool setting, trial cutting tool setting, return to reference point tool setting
Tool offset execution mode: modify coordinate mode, tool movement mode
The maximum speed, acceleration and deceleration of each axis are independently set
Spindle constant surface speed control
Thread function
Flexible Tapping / Rigid Tapping
Emergency stop, hardware travel limit, software travel check
Chinese and English page switching
Display real-time time, number of processed pieces, processing time and other information
Various interpolation command functions and M, S, T functions, etc.
Data backup and recovery, upgrade function
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