GSK CNC 980MDc सीएनसी नियंत्रक | सीएनसी प्रणाली | मिलिंग नियंत्रक | मशीनिंग केंद्र सीएनसी | सीएनसी नियंत्रण GSK980MDc - PAY for CNC components
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GSK CNC 980MDc सीएनसी नियंत्रक | सीएनसी प्रणाली | मिलिंग नियंत्रक | मशीनिंग केंद्र सीएनसी | सीएनसी नियंत्रण GSK980MDc

GSK CNC 980MDc सीएनसी नियंत्रक | सीएनसी प्रणाली | मिलिंग नियंत्रक | मशीनिंग केंद्र सीएनसी | सीएनसी नियंत्रण GSK980MDc
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GSK CNC 980MDc सीएनसी नियंत्रक | सीएनसी प्रणाली | मिलिंग नियंत्रक | मशीनिंग केंद्र सीएनसी | सीएनसी नियंत्रण GSK980MDc
सीएनसी नियंत्रक | सीएनसी प्रणाली | मिलिंग नियंत्रक | मशीनिंग केंद्र सीएनसी | सीएनसी नियंत्रण
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CNC system of GSK 980MDc drilling and milling machine


5 axis 5 linkage control, with horizontal, vertical and separate three types of structure.Adopt 8.4 "color LCD, support ladder diagram online monitoring, online drilling CAM function, online programming wizard, automatic programming plane milling, automatic center point and other functions.Support I/O unit expansion, can be adapted to disc type knife library and hat type knife library, to meet the needs of machining centers and special machine tools.

Cost-effective GSK980MDc series products are universal machining center, CNC milling machine, drilling machine the best partner!


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Product features


● 5 axes 5 linkage Control;
● the minimum control accuracy is 0.1um and the maximum moving speed is 60m / min;
● GS2000T-N series strong overload servo unit is equipped as standard, and 5000 line encoder is used for servo motor position feedback;
● it can realize spindle orientation, rigid tapping, cylindrical interpolation and indexing table control;
● built in PLC, ladder diagram online display and real-time monitoring, support o-unit expansion, and can be adapted to disc type and hat type tool magazine;
● it has the functions of on-line drilling cam, on-line programming guide, automatic programming of plane milling, automatic workpiece center finding, etc., which is convenient for programming and fast operation;

●MD multi segment execution;
● it supports 54 workpiece coordinate systems, coordinate rotation, scaling, mirroring, automatic chamfering and sentence macro instructions, and provides 12 fixed cycle instructions and 23 compound cycle instructions, with flexible and simple programming;
● 40m program storage space, 10000 part programs, supporting ∪ disk program processing and serial communication DNC processing;
● level 6 operation authority management, 32 time limited shutdown settings;
● 8.4-inch true color CD, supporting Chinese, English, Russian and other multilingual displays.


Product parameters


Man machine page
 8.4-inch true color LCD, 7 soft function keys
Support Chinese, English, Russian and other languages
The processing track is displayed, and the processing track is enlarged, reduced, translated and the viewing angle is switched in real time
Position, program, tool compensation, alarm, parameter, setting, graphics, diagnosis, ladder diagram
Operation management
Operation mode: edit, automatic, input, mechanical zero return, manual pulse single step, manual, DNC
Level 6 operation authority management; 32 time limited shutdown
Program switch, parameter switch
Communication function
USB: USB disk file operation, direct processing of USB disk files, and support PLC program and system software USB disk upgrade
RS232: bidirectional transmission of part programs, parameters and other files, supporting PLC program update
Program storage and editing
Full screen editing; Program capacity: 40m, 10000 programs (including subroutines and macro programs)
MD | it is allowed to input and run 8 program segments
It supports macro program subroutine calling and allows 4-fold subroutine nesting
Calculator, online programming wizard
Simplify programming functions
Fixed cycle, compound cycle, drilling cycle, rigid tapping, automatic chamfering, sentence macro instruction programming, indexing function of indexing table
Compensation function
Reverse clearance compensation: 0mm-2mm (or 0inch-0.2inch). The reverse clearance compensation mode and frequency are set by parameters
Memory pitch error compensation: a total of 1024 compensation points, and the number of compensation points of each axis is set
Tool function
Tool length compensation (tool offset): 32 groups; Tool wear compensation: 32 groups
Tip radius compensation (type C)
Auxiliary function
Special m codes (M00, M01, M02, M30, M98, M99) · other m codes are defined by PLC
PLC function
Two level PLC program, 5000 steps at most, and the refresh cycle of level 1 program is 8ms
PLC program online display and real-time monitoring; Support PLC warning and PLC alarm
Multiple PLC programs can be stored, and the currently running PLC program is selected by parameters. The standard PLC program supports disc magazine and hat magazine
Basic I / O: 41 inputs 36 outputs
Expandable serial O unit (optional): I / oa-01t: 24 point input, 16 point output, 4-channel analog voltage output

IOA-02T:40 point input, 24 point output, 8-Channel analog voltage output and 4-channel analog voltage input

Spindle function
Spindle speed: it can be given by s code or PLC signal, and the speed range is 0rpm-9999rpm
Spindle magnification: 50% ~ 120%, a total of 8 levels of real-time repair and adjustment
2 channels of 0V ~ 10V analog voltage output
Support analog spindle m-shift and τ Type shift function, flexible tapping, rigid tapping
1 channel spindle encoder feedback, the number of spindle encoder lines can be set (0 or 100p / R ~ 5000P / R)
Control number axis
Maximum control axis: 5 axes
Maximum number of linkage axes: 5 axes (linear interpolation), 3 axes (spiral interpolation), 2 axes (arc interpolation)
Coordinate value (system) and size
Local coordinate system, machine tool coordinate system, workpiece coordinate system 1-6 (G54-G59), additional workpiece coordinate system (P1 ~ p48)
Position command range: ± 9999999999x minimum input unit
Absolute / incremental programming, English / metric conversion, linear axis / rotary axis
Preparation function
eighty-five individual G instruction, including fast positioning, interpolation, automatic chamfering, tool compensation, metric and British system input, coordinate rotation, scaling, mirroring, sentence macro instruction, macro program call, jump, cycle instruction, etc


Product installation dimensions


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